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Online workshops

Upcoming workshops description:


  • Having Fun with Paper Collage - introduction to paper collage techniques, beginners level.

    • This course is suitable for a student that has some art experience, but have never done paper collage. The course covers principles of design, colour theory and technique of creating your favourite image using paper collage.

  • Paint it with Paper like you Mean It - intermediate to advanced level, using the design principles

    • This course is suitable for the artists that took the beginners course, or are familiar with principles of design and are interested in using different medium to express their vision.


  • Collaging with Your Own Papers

    • This course is suitable for students that took first 2 courses and want to explore collage further using their own papers, or artists that would like to include collage into their paintings done in a different media.​ This course will cover, several techniques to arrive at your own, texturized paper collection - stamping, steaming with flowers, using gel and imbedding different elements of collage, or rubbing paper using patterned objects and soft graphite, or coloured pencils. These are just some techniques to arrive at different and unusual results. Different techniques can be added, if time allows. These papers can be used to create abstract paintings.


Cost per person: $135.60, including tax (120, plus tax), based on minimum of 8 participants. Each course will run for 4 weeks, 3 hours each class, on the same day and time, each week.


Dates to be determined.


Group booking welcome. Material list will be sent to each student after the registration.



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"Absolutely loved Joanna's collage workshop.  Joanna has a deep well of knowledge that she generously shares with her students.  I am very proud of the work that I created in the workshop and it gives me great pleasure to have it hanging in my house."

Paula Sahker

Margaret Dianda-Orchid-Collage.JPG
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